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To demonstrate the love of God and to infuse His hope
by feeding people and uplifting communities.


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Showing Love in a TANGIBLE Way 

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The Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation and The Connect Church are pleased to announce the launch of Thy Kingdom Crumb. Thy Kingdom Crumb is a community initiative dedicated to helping ALL people experience the unconditional love of God in a tangible manner by distributing quality food for free. Thy Kingdom Crumb is meant to uplift everyone and anyone in the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey area regardless of their socioeconomic circumstance. It is our goal to communicate to each person we come in contact with that they are seen, valued, and unconditionally loved by Jesus.

 "It's on us…‘cause He loves you!"


National and local media outlets feature the Thy Kingdom Crumb in their news stories - from coverage about the impact of our mission, to interviews with key personnel.



Learn about the Vision of Thy Kingdom Crumb


Through the use of food distribution, community outreach, and Kingdom relationships Thy Kingdom Crumb exists to demonstrate the love of God and to infuse His hope by feeding ALL people and uplifting communities! By freely distributing quality food with excellence it is our goal to help ALL people experience the unconditional love of God in a tangible manner. By identifying various needs and opportunities within a community, outreaches can be designed to better facilitate compassionate care to those communities. Forming Kingdom-based relationships with like-minded organizations, people, and communities will increase the reach, capabilities, and impact of our programs.








Thy Kingdom Crumb will use various means and venues to freely distribute food to ALL people.




Community Outreach

Thy Kingdom Crumb will freely share the gospel of Jesus Christ by utilizing various means to interact with men, women, and children.




Kingdom Relationships

Thy Kingdom Crumb will form relationships with like-minded people, organizations, & communities to maximize its reach, capabilities, & impact within communities.

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How are The Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation and TKC connected?

AO1’s mission from the outset has been to uplift individuals and communities around the world by demonstrating God’s love for His people.  The opportunity to infuse hope into people by offering great food within our communities through TKC struck a chord with Carson Wentz, the founder of the AO1 Foundation.  “The longer I’ve been here the more I’ve felt a passion and real connection with this city…I just want to make a difference and really uplift people and provide something different…providing some love and a little food along the way definitely resonated with me and we’re real excited about where it’s going.” 


The AO1 Foundation's contribution to Thy Kingdom Crumb goes far beyond a simple financial commitment.  Carson and the AO1 team are involved with every intricate detail that takes place within TKC including; establishing culture and vision, determining where the truck visits, development of the menu, expansion to future cities, establishing a budget, and much more.  The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 4:9, "Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labor."  Through the AO1 Foundation's partnership with The Connect Church, individuals who encounter Christ's love through Thy Kingdom Crumb now have a physical space in which they can grow their faith in both Philadelphia and the New Jersey region.  While the AO1 Foundation and Thy Kingdom Crumb may have different names, it is our hope that they are recognized as one in the same. 

Can I volunteer with or be employed by TKC?

The AO1 Foundation and The Connect Church share a passion for reaching people with the tangible love of God by offering quality food to ALL people!  As a result of that shared passion, The AO1 Foundation and The Connect Church have partnered together to birth Thy Kingdom Crumb.  In light of this partnership, all of our TKC volunteer teams are comprised of people who have established The Connect Church as their home church.

Will TKC food trucks be coming to more cities & locations beyond the greater Philadelphia area?

If God desires to have multiple Thy Kingdom Crumb food trucks in various cities then we are excited to get behind anything He wants to establish through TKC!

Will Carson ever be on the food truck?

You never know…

Can I request to have the food truck at an event or fundraiser? 

In light of TKC’s commitment to this particularly unique endeavor, we are not utilizing the food truck at any additional events outside of our scheduled food initiatives at this time.

Why is the food for everyone and not just people who are hungry? 

Each one of us needs something- to be seen, to be loved on, to be accepted, to be strengthened, to be encouraged, to be uplifted. These are just a few ways in which we can be in need. These are just a few ways in which we can be ‘fed’.

We at TKC see the needs that weigh on people’s lives within our communities, so our desire is to bring the hope and kindness of Jesus to our communities in tangible form. Food is the means to that end!

We desire to offer delicious food meant for ALL people, so look for our presence in various communities! When we feed those who appear to have ‘much’ or to have ‘little’ we ultimately help meet the need we all carry…the need to be loved on & changed by Jesus!

Where will the TKC truck be next?

That’s a GREAT question!  Keep your eyes on our social media platforms as we will be announcing each and every upcoming pop-up location on our various social media sites!

Can I give a donation to TKC in order to have them at an event or fundraiser?

In light of TKC’s commitment to this particularly unique endeavor, we will not be receiving donations or payment in order for the food truck to be present at events outside of our scheduled food initiatives at this time.

Is the food REALLY free? 

Yep!  It really is completely free!

WHY is the food free?

We believe God gave all of us the greatest free gift through His son, Jesus Christ.  We desire to share that same love of God in a tangible way with our communities.  The means by which we have found to be particularly uplifting to people is great food!  So when you enjoy a delicious meal just remember that God sees and values you!  “It’s on us…’cause He loves you!”

There must be a great cost to what TKC is doing..HOW do you afford to do food truck runs week after week?

Thy Kingdom Crumb continues to form valued corporate relationships with like-minded organizations in order to maximize TKC’s ability to impact our communities.  We are extremely grateful for the generosity of companies such as Rastelli Market Fresh as well as Bimbo Bakeries, Liberty Coke, and Acme Markets.  In addition to gifts by private donors we are sustained by donations from people like YOU!  We are excited for the strength of our current partnerships to deepen and for the scope of our future partnerships to expand!

How can my corporation become a partner with TKC in order to donate funds or viable product?

Please feel free to contact us via email at Info@ThyKingdomCrumb.org with any inquires regarding product donations to TKC.  For all financial donations please utilize the “Donate” button on our website.

Is TKC able to distribute information about another business or mission at TKC events?

As we continue to be immersed within our Greater Philadelphia communities we have the privilege of hearing about some wonderfully impactful initiatives. What a significant change many of these missions and businesses are making through their passionate commitment to elevate countless lives! Although we are not able to partner in this way with the many outreaches and businesses that surround us, we are grateful for those who serve tirelessly, shoulder to shoulder, amongst our communities. For everyone who is dedicated to offering dignity, tangible help, and the love of God to our communities we say a heartfelt, "Thank you!"

How can I donate to TKC? Can I give a cash donation at any of the events?

Thank you for wanting to contribute to what we are doing through TKC! Please feel free to utilize the "Donate" button on our website for all donations. We truly want our communities to enjoy a completely free experience at the truck so we do not accept any cash gifts at our events.

Can Carson come to our event?  Can I receive an autograph?

We are extremely aware of the desire within our communities to have Carson and/or the TKC food truck at many worthy events and upstanding causes.  Due to the massive influx of requests we must decline all requests for Carson’s or the food truck’s presence at any additional church or community events, speaking engagements, school functions, benefits, non-profit fundraisers, food truck festivals, etc. .  We are not able to provide any autographed items or autograph opportunities.  All fan mail should be directed to the Philadelphia Eagles, as we are unable to forward any personal mail or emails received on his behalf.  We are also unable to provide game tickets or meetings for possible business ventures with anyone at The AO1 Foundation or Thy Kingdom Crumb.

Can we have an interview with Carson?

We would ask that all interview requests, including radio, written, online, and television requests, be directed to the Philadelphia Eagles as we are unable to schedule any interviews on Carson's behalf.

Can you help us launch our own food truck?

We have been enjoying hearing from the various people, outreaches, and churches that desire to launch a food truck in their own communities! Great food is 'people glue', so we know communities greatly benefit from their presence. Due to the various factors involved with launching a truck, which include but are not limited to. various inspections, licenses, and permits required by each municipality within each state, we are unable to offer any advisement on this topic. We are certainly still learning as we move along in this unique endeavor ourselves!

Does TKC currently take the food truck outside the Greater Philadelphia area for food runs?

At this time we are only able to travel within our local area but you never know where this all may lead us one day!

due to the overwhelming response to our mission we are limited in our capacity to respond to any email we receive which may be ADDRESSED in the FAQs & Answers above. if you have a question that is not addressed in our faq section, please contact us below. please be patient as our small but mighty team tackLes your questions!